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Why You Should Join the Fermentation Trend

sauerkraut fermentation trend Why You Should Join the Fermentation Trend

Fermented foods are a trend recently, but they are not new by any means. Fermentation dates back to B.C. times in foods you might not have even realized were fermented. Foods like sauerkraut, alcohol, vanilla, some yogurts, and miso are all fermented to deliver the tastes you recognize. How does this fermentation process work?

Fermentation occurs when bacteria feeds on the carbohydrates of a fresh fruit, vegetable or grain, and then creates lactic acid. This process creates a more nutritious and digestible product.

In an article on, author Danielle Kirk writes, “According to Deirdre Rawlings in Fermented Foods for Health, ferments can be broken down into seven categories:¬†Cultured vegetable protein…High-salt, meat-flavoured fermentation pastes…Alcohol fermentations…Vinegar fermentation…Alkaline-fermented foods…Leavened breads…Lactic acid fermentation.”

The benefits of fermented foods are endless, all of which can be gathered from store-bought items like sauerkraut and miso paste, or DIY items at home like homemade pickles. Learn more about the healthy reasons to eat fermented foods like sauerkraut in the original article. 

Original article posted on WellBeing and written by Danielle Kirk.

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