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Whole Foods Predicts 2016 Food Trends

food trend predictions Whole Foods Predicts 2016 Food Trends

Attention foodies! Whole Foods has predicted the 2016 food trends. According to BuzzFeed, Whole Foods asked for its global buyers to predict trends. This was done based on sales data, customer feedback, and more. Through this information gathering, the top 5 foods determined are:

  1. Strange new meats and cuts
  2. Wine in a can
  3. Plant-based everything
  4. Fermented foods and probiotics
  5. Wheat-free and other alternative flours


It’s no surprise that fermented foods, a.k.a. sauerkraut, kefir, kombucha, and kimchi, are expected to be trending. Foods like sauerkraut contain probioics, which aid in digestion and gut health. We are excited to see that the word is out about sauerkraut being good for you! 

Don’t miss the trend. These easy sauerkraut recipes will help you incorporate the fermented cabbage into your normal dishes easily as 2016 rolls around!

Original article on BuzzFeed 12/18/15. Written by Vanessa Wong.