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Secret Ingredients to Delicious Homemade Cake

For those who bake frequently, you know the standard ingredients that go into most recipes. Flour, sugar, butter, vanilla, etc. But what if there was another ingredient that you should be using to get tasty, creamy cakes without adding any major calories? What if there were TWO different ingredients?

They might not be well known to avid bakers yet, but they should be. Beans and sauerkraut. Yes, really. Don’t believe us? Check out these three cake recipes below that use beans or sauerkraut as a main ingredient.

Lemon Cannellini Bean Cake

Krautlook blog post bean cake image Secret Ingredients to Delicious Homemade Cake

Photo credit: Sarah Jampel Food 52

This cake will make you say “Huh?” and then “Uh huh.” The recipe calls for blending beans into the batter, which makes the cake light and airy for a moist cake unlike any other. The bean flavor gives it a savory taste, somewhat like cornbread.

Get the Food52 recipe here.


Chocolate Kraut Cake


Krautlook blog post Chocolate Kraut cake Secret Ingredients to Delicious Homemade Cake

Sauerkraut is the special ingredient in this luscious treat. Sauerkraut is filled with probiotics and adds a unique taste. Not only is this cake moist from the tangy sauerkraut, it is versatile to fit any flavor profile too. Instead of the cherry pie filling, add some powdered sugar on top for a simple and light cake. Or drizzle caramel and chocolate chips for a rich, probiotic-filled cake. 

Find the Krautlook recipe here.


Apple Confetti Cake


Krautlook blog post Apple Confetti Kraut Cake Secret Ingredients to Delicious Homemade Cake

Looking for a festive fall cake? This cake includes sauerkraut and apples for a sweet and tangy dessert. Including sauerkraut and fruit in this treat doubles up on good-for-you ingredients.

Read the Krautlook recipe here.