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Restaurants Use Traditional Fermentation For New Food Trends

Fermenting foods dates way back to before there were restaurant trends and food phases. It is a basic process that can completely change the flavor of a food. Pickled Cucumbers become pickles, cabbage becomes sauerkraut, and cured meats become the star of the charcuterie plate. Talented chefs are taking this ancient technique and applying it to modern favorites like chicken wings, corn bread, and bread and butter. 

curelarge salumi Restaurants Use Traditional Fermentation For New Food Trends

Photo credit: Cure Restaurant

“I love everything about fermentation,” said A.J. Voytko. Chef Voytko is fermenting peppers to use for his hot sauce. This hot sauce will have a unique tang that can be used in dishes like chicken wings.

“[Fermenting] is a unique flavor profile that you can’t get from anything else,” said Todd Kelly, Hilton Cincinnati Netherland Plaza executive chef and director of food and beverage. “It changes the whole dynamic.” He continues. His latest rendition using fermentation is fermented butter. He serves this across the resort’s restaurants with bread. 

In L.A., chef Walter Nunez is adding fermentation features into bread as well, but by making cornbread. Nunez makes a traditional cheddar corn bread batter but adds kimchi. Kimchi is fermented cabbage similar to sauerkraut, but with Korena spices.

With endless fermentation possibilities, chefs across the world continue to incorporate tangy traditions into their new dishes. 

Read the original article from Nation’s Restaurant News here. Posted by Fern Glazer on October 10, 2016.