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Restaurant Nutrition Information Available Spring 2017

Blind calorie consumption when you’re out to eat will be harder to do come May 2017. According to Restaurant Nutrition, the new standard of menu labeling legislation is requiring restaurants with 20 or more units to print and provide all nutritional information of their menu items. It’s easy for a quick lunch with your co-worker at that freaky fast sandwich shop to pack on more calories than we want to admit. You add cheese, bacon, mayo, and a bag of chips to your order and that healthy sandwich isn’t the low number of calories you probably have in your head.

While this seems daunting as a consumer to finally see how many calories go into a number 4 on wheat bread as you’re ordering it, imagine the pressure this puts on the restaurant chains. May 2017 will be here sooner that it seems for a lengthy process like nutrition analysis projects. 

P Oh Snap hot and spicy food day Restaurant Nutrition Information Available Spring 2017

Now the sandwich, drink, and sides will all have their nutritional information ready as you wait in line to order. Instead of reaching for the bag of chips, which adds extra calories that could have been used as bacon on your sandwich, you see the low calorie pickle. The problem still lies with the pickle juice and the smelly paper to-go bag that is leaking pickle juice since the pickle came from their 5-gallon bucket of brine. Oh Snap! pickles are a great alternative. These single-serve pickles come with no added brine in a convenient pack that has zero calories. The perfect lunch side-kick with its nutrition clearly printed on the package. To learn more about menu substitutions with fermented foods, check out these healthy eating tips. 

Read the full article on Restaurant Nutrition. Written by Anita Jones-Mueller on August 26, 2016.