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Pizza Farms Offer a New Twist on Farm-to-Table


Feta Red Bell Pepper Pizza2 Pizza Farms Offer a New Twist on Farm to Table

Pizza farms are sweeping the Midwest. The pizza in this new trend contains ingredients straight from the farm, but doesn’t have to go too far since visitors are traveling to local farms to chow down. The Associated Press features the Red Barn Farm, owned by Pat and Tammy Winter, an hour south of Minneapolis where guests are making a day out of it. A great summer activity, visitors bring their own beverages and blankets to picnic on the farms. Kids enjoy playing with the horses and chickens while people enjoy their own drinks as they wait for their pizza. 

Favorite brick oven pizzas at the Red Barn Farm include olive, tomato, and fresh basil pizza or locally-made sausage and homemade sauerkraut pizza. Red Barn Farm’s owner was a baker and thought it would be fun to build a brick oven and make pizza. At first they served only family and friends and now it has expanded to the public. Some other pizza farms are using fermented sourdough, fresh corn, and local cheeses on their pizzas too. So grab some friends, a blanket, and a bottle of wine and head to your closest pizza farm to enjoy fresh farm ingredients topped on a slice of heaven.

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Associated Press article here. Posted on 7/1/15, written by Steve Karnowski.