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Nutrient-Dense Foods Gaining Favor Over ‘Functionals’

So-called “functional” foods — generally thought of as foods enhanced with nutrients or other health-beneficial components — have enjoyed significant growth in recent years. 

But consumers are instead now increasingly looking to naturally or inherently nutritious foods and beverages — “traditional foods rooted in folklore as beneficial and delicious,” according to Melissa Abbott, senior director of culinary insights for The Hartman Group consumer research firm. 

Americans’ increasing demand for “real,” fresh, nutrient-dense foods in general, including their snack choices (snacks, importantly, now account for 53% of all eating occasions, often displacing meals), means that they’re seeking out convenient, portable options that fall into that inherently nutritious category, Abbott pointed out in a recent presentation

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Article from Media Post, December 19, 2013, by Karlene Lukovitz.