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New Chefs Put a Twist on Classic German Food Like Sauerkraut

As new chefs emerge into the food industry, their fresh ideas create twists on traditional meals. The fermented cabbage dish, sauerkraut, is a classic German dish that some chefs are using for new creative meals. Pizza is not just pepperoni, sauce, and cheese. Burgers aren’t just topped with ketchup, mustard, and pickles anymore. Flavor profiles are expanding to create food hybrids with healthy ingredients like sauerkraut.

Sauerkraut in tacos? Pizza topped with sauerkraut? Such combinations have been dreamed into reality with foodie chefs across the country.

Creative sauerkraut entrees include:

  • Octoberfest Burger – a pork schnitzel on a pretzel bun with beer cheese sauce, sauerkraut, bacon, and mustard.
  • Reuben Pizza – a pizza topped with pastrami, sauerkraut, Thousand Island dressing, swiss cheese, and cole slaw.
  • Pastrami Tacos – tacos using blue tortillas filled with sauerkraut, pastrami, and pickled peppers.
  • Schweinehaus Signature Burger – beef patty with sauerkraut, bacon, cheddar cheese, arugula, and maple mustard.
  • Sauerkraut Kroketten – sausage, cheese, and sauerkraut croquettes served with a mustard sauce.
Hard Rock Cafe Octoberfest New Chefs Put a Twist on Classic German Food Like Sauerkraut

Photo credit: Hard Rock Cafe

These unique items can be found at a variety of restaurants across the U.S. Have you tried any delicious sauerkraut dishes? These are worth a try! If you’re not convinced, read these reasons why you should be eating more sauerkraut.

Original article written by Nancy Kruse published on 6/17/16 on Nation’s Restaurant News.