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January is the Perfect Time to Give Sauerkraut a Try

Sauerkraut 300x200 January is the Perfect Time to Give Sauerkraut a TrySauerkraut may be one of those foods you just don’t get until you are an adult. Just the smell of sauerkraut made me wrinkle my nose when I was a kid.

Now it fulfills my need for something sour in my wide range of food likes. And I fell in love with the dish Choucroute Garnie when I first went to Paris, served as it is there on a glamorous pedestal tray.

The process of making sauerkraut is one the ancient methods of preserving foods. It has a mere three ingredients: cabbage, salt and time. Take a head of cabbage, thin slice it or shred it. Toss it with salt. Put it in a glass or ceramic container and with minor human interference, sauerkraut happens. It’s a miracle of chemistry.

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Article from The Kansas City Star, January 23, 2014, by Lou Jane Temple.