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It’s Official, Sauerkraut Is Sexy!

L.A.’s Juice Guru, Amanda Chantal Bacon, founder of cult Los Angeles juice shop and haute health food brand Moon Juice, shared her love of sauerkraut and says it’s sexy.

A bit from the article:

A few easy tips: ”You can use kimchi or sauerkraut as condiments—they go great on a sandwich, like grilled cheese—and they are lovely to add to any bowl you may be making with grains and other veggies. The salty, tangy ’kraut juice that comes in the jar is great for salad dressing, just add olive oil to it. And it’s a must if you eat meat, to put some cultured veggies on the side. The whole pork with applesauce thing? I think that should be pork with pickled vegetables. It tastes great and really helps with digestion.”

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Article from Yahoo Food, posted on January 22, 2015, written by Julia Bainbridge.