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Health Benefits of Sauerkraut the Superfood

Calling an item a “superfood” can put a lot of pressure on said food. But fermented cabbage lives up to the name “superfood” with the many health benefits of sauerkraut. Improvements to your health can occur when consuming this probiotic-filled fermented vegetable. A recent article on mentions that the “health benefits of sauerkraut are numerous, including improved digestive health, eye health, skin health, heart health, energy-boosting properties, immune system support, bone density building support, and even protection against certain cancers.” If that doesn’t make you say “super”, we don’t know what will!

health benefits of sauerkraut kraut look Health Benefits of Sauerkraut the Superfood

The various advantages of eating sauerkraut come from the fermenting process. Through fermentation, the nutrient levels are higher than raw unfermented cabbage alone. Not only does this process preserve vegetables, it provides essential nutrients to your body which improves overall health. 

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Original article posted on 7/13/15, written by Angie Briggs on