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Heal the Digestive Tract, Heal the Body

sauerkraut in red bowl 300x199 Heal the Digestive Tract, Heal the Body“If you can heal the digestive tract, you can heal the body.” That was the message that Dr. Kyle Christensen delivered to a large group of Mapleton, Utah residents at the August Mapleton Ready preparedness meeting. 

“All health, and all disease, begins in the gut,” he said–the gut being the entire digestive tract, from where food goes in, to where waste comes out. “If you want to have a healthy body, you need to have a healthy gut. A healthy gut is an environment rich in probiotics, or good bacteria. When the good bacteria are scarce (such as when a diet is high in refined foods) or even wiped out (such as from antibiotics) the gut can’t digest properly. This created a domino effect on the rest of the body; the immune system then reacts, stressing the adrenals and thyroid.

“The good news is, proper diet can restore the health of the digestive tract, re-introducing thousand of nutrition-rich probiotics. Even better, this diet consists of whole foods that are absolutely delicious, and easy to make,” he continued. He likened healing the gut with proper diet, to re-seeding a meadow that had been wiped out by poisonous chemicals. “First, you have to bring in the compost; then you have to plant seeds.”

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Article from Mapleton News, August 31, 2014.