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Five Foods that Can Help Reduce Breast Cancer Risk

Eating healthy can reduce the risk of cancer. But how do you know which foods are most effective, and what type of cancer they prevent? Fox News compiled this list of five foods that could help reduce the risk of breast cancer specifically. Whether you’re looking to live a healthy lifestyle, or are at a higher risk from family history, incorporate these five foods into your diet. 

1. Plums 

How plums reduce the risk: they contain phenols which are strong antioxidants that kill the bad cancer cells, not healthy cells.

2. Sauerkraut

Why sauerkraut is good for you: researchers found that women who ate sauerkraut three times a week were 72% less likely to develop breast cancer.

3. Tomatoes

What tomatoes contain: a powerful antioxidant, lycopene, protects against breast cancer cell growth 

4. Broccoli

How broccoli reduces the risk: this vegetable contains phytonutrients that can stop the spread of breast cancer cells.

5. Garlic

Why garlic helps: the allyl sulfide in garlic is known to reduce the spread of breast cancer cells and alter the process by which healthy cells become cancerous.  

To easily incorporate these foods into your diet, find recipes that contain multiple recommended foods, or substitute foods into recipes. This chili recipe contains garlic, sauerkraut, and tomatoes. This recipe for pork and sauerkraut calls for Brussel sprouts, which can be substituted for broccoli. 

sauerkraut chili Five Foods that Can Help Reduce Breast Cancer Risk

To read the full article, written by Tanya Zuckerbrot, posted on Fox News on October 20, 2015, click here.

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