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Cabbage is Worth a ton of Money for New York

“Cabbage might have an identity problem.Back in 2011, politicians were in a tussle about which of New York’s commodities should be honored as the state vegetable.

Onion backers rallied but went home crying. In a landslide vote, the state Senate crowned sweet corn as the state vegetable. The crop, as most senators saw it, deserved recognition because it was worth $20 million more than the pungent onion.

The truth is, by that measure, cabbage should have won — by several heads. New York Farm Bureau President Dean Norton diplomatically pointed out that cabbage was actually the highest earning vegetable in the state.

In 2012, New York cabbage’s farm gate value (the value the crop was worth when it left the farms, minus the cost of marketing) was $106 million. Sweet corn, which was No. 2, checked in at $68 million.

And here’s more bragging rights for state cabbage farmers, who are concentrated in the region between Lake Ontario and the northern Finger Lakes. Depending on what source you consult or whom you ask, New York leads the country in cabbage acreage and production; at the least, it’s in the top three with California and Florida.”

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Article from Democrat and Chronicle, Aug. 24, 2013, by Karen Miltner, Staff Writer.