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Beneficial Bacteria: How to Add Sauerkraut to Your Diet

Sauerkraut Krautzza 300x196 Beneficial Bacteria: How to Add Sauerkraut to Your DietHave you been looking for more ways to incorporate natural probiotics into your diet? With body boosting benefits like aiding digestion with its beneficial bacteria, increasing vitamin levels and fiber, it’s no wonder that sauerkraut is a fermented food that’s lauded for its health promoting qualities. Plus, it provides all of the health benefits for which cruciferous vegetables are well known.

Crunchy, sour, and salty, sauerkraut has a flavor that is all its own. Truth be told, I could happily eat it straight out of the jar, but sometimes even I need some other foods to go with it. Here are a few ideas to get you started on ways to include sauerkraut in your diet:

Add a spoonful to your salad: the way that I eat sauerkraut the most is as a side to a big salad. It fills out the plate adding another contrasting flavor that mixes especially well with a kale salad and coconut bacon.

Add a layer to your sandwich: the most obvious use of sauerkraut is as a topping. This time of year I love it on Field Roast sausages hot off the grill. With a slice of pickle and slathering of mustard, it adds a tasty cool, tart compliment to a salty, savory veggie dog. It is also the best part of a reuben.

Pile it on a pizza: I prefer my pizza cheeseless, and a few dollops of sauerkraut gives a pie some zing. I like to add it in spoonfuls while I’m eating a pizza hot out of the oven as a cool crunchy element on top of a hot, steamy pizza. However, if you prefer, you can also top the pizza with the sauerkraut before baking. Sauerkraut goes well with lots of pizza toppings like onions, garlic, tomatoes, red bell pepper, potatoes, mushrooms, or seitan sausage.

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