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A New BBQ Joint You Have to Try

Michael Symon, a Food Network celebrity, ABC’s The Chew co-host, and professional chef, has opened a barbecue restaurant in Cleveland, Ohio. Mabel’s BBQ restaurant is not your typical Texas-style or Kentucky-style. Symon wanted to create a unique flavor profile for this Ohio-based restaurant. He is calling it “Cleveland-Style” barbecue. 

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Photo Credit: Eater

The restaurant is serving up dishes full of Cleveland’s heritage. Instead of your typical mac & cheese on the side, Mabel’s offers items like sauerkraut and spaetzle. Whitney Filloon from Eater writes,

“Meats are seasoned with what Symon refers to as ‘Eastern European’ spices (think celery seed, coriander, and mustard seed) and every plate comes flanked with sauerkraut.” 


When a barbecue spot is serving sauerkraut, you’ll want to make the trip and give it a try. Whether your favorite is brisket or ribs, you will still get a side of our favorite probiotic dish, sauerkraut. Have you had a chance to eat at Mabel’s BBQ yet?

Original article on Eater 6/16/16, written by Whitney Filloon.