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5 Food Trends You Can Expect in 2017

2017 Food Trends Krautlook 5 Food Trends You Can Expect in 2017

2016 was full of culinary expertise as chefs tried new trends. Foodies across the nation are trying to guess what foods will be trending in 2017 as we round out the end of the year. 

According to SmartBrief, a major food trend that is already happening but will amplify in 2017 is fermented food. Yes, our favorite food, sauerkraut, is projected to still be trendy next year! 

Fermented foods have gained attention in years past due to the potential of new flavors. Chefs use bacteria and the fermentation process to ferment fresh vegetables and grains into items like sauerkraut, pickles, kimchi, and more. 

In 2017, the trend is only going to gain traction. We can expect to see chefs take a deeper dive with the fermentation tools and foods to create even more flavors. 

The full list of five food trends expected for 2017 includes:

  1. Bold breakfasts
  2. Fermentation
  3. New cuts of meat
  4. Botanical ingredients in drinks
  5. Seaweed and kale


Watch for these five foods as the new year approaches.

Read the full article written by Tricia Contreras on 12/14/16 here.