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10 Reasons You Should Love Sauerkraut

10 reasons to love sauerkraut 10 Reasons You Should Love Sauerkraut

Our favorite fermented food is so easy to love. Yes, crunchy kraut is the perfect sandwich topping, but there are so many more reasons to love sauerkraut. Whether you’re making pierogies, mixing up a salad, or looking for some healthy probiotics, sauerkraut is a lovable ingredient. Check out these 10 reasons that are just some of the reasons you should love sauerkraut.


  1. Sauerkraut contains potassium – this means that the nutrients in sauerkraut help with muscle strength.
  2. It is versatile - Put sauerkraut in a baked potato, in a hot party dip, top your leafy greens, or in traditional german dishes. The ingredient can be incorporated into so many dishes.
  3. Sauerkraut contains folate – this helps fight depression.
  4. Sauerkraut is a great source of Vitamin C – no more fearing cold season when you’re stocked with the right vitamins to help protect your body.
  5. It contains magnesium – this can help regulate blood pressure. 
  6. Sauerkraut improves digestive health - it contains probiotic bacteria, which create lactic acid. The lactic acid provides balance in the digestive system.
  7. Vitamin K in sauerkraut offers many health benefits - including decreasing the risk of bone fractures.
  8. Helps fight cancer – the isothiocyanates found in sauerkraut help prevent the growth of certain cancers like liver, breast, lung, and colon.
  9. Reduces your risk of heart disease – sauerkraut contains flavonoids which have been known to help reduce the risk of heart diseases.
  10. Can reduce anxietystudies have been done that suggest fermented foods like sauerkraut help people feel less anxious in social situations.


If you’re feeling the love and want to incorporate more sauerkraut into your meals, try these healthy recipes.  There are so many reasons to love sauerkraut, but hopefully these 10 reasons are a great start to get you enjoying the healthy fermented food.

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